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How can I tell if my septic tank is working properly?

Three very obvious signs that your septic system is not functioning properly​

are strange odors, standing waste water in your yard where the leach​

field should be and waste water backup into home. However, not all malfunctioning septic systems show these​ clear signs. To find out if your septic system is functioning properly, it will ​

need inspected every 1-3 years.

The term site preparation covers a wide range of activities that are defined by the project's design.

However, regardless of the scope of work, it is the key to a successful project. Site preparation is the infrastructure upon which the project is constructed. These activities typically include site clearing and grubbing; rough grading of drainage swells; installation of construction roadways and laydown areas; construction of parking lots and pads for temporary facilities; and development of erosion control measures.




What to Consider for Site and Building Demolition?

Site demolition includes removal of catch basins, manholes, underground pipe, asphalt paving, concrete paving, etc. The method of disposal of site demolition materials can have a large impact on a project. If the material is hauled to a dump site, the Construction Supervisor should know the dump site location and be assured that the dumping meets all state and local ordinances.